Senin, 07 April 2014

Home Staging Ideas

Putting your house on the market can be a stressful task. They say the average property only has TWO weeks to be a “hot commodity” and catch the right buyer’s eye - after that, it often gets increasingly difficult to sell. Hence... the STRESS. Fortunately, it is not a random draw - there are measures one can take to heighten his or her chances of selling quickly at the right price. Such measures are otherwise known as ‘staging’. Frequently a lengthy and expensive process, staging prepares your home for the buyers’ eye.

But what does one do without the budget for professional home stagers and all that comes with it? (AKA: service fees, renovations, new purchases, etc . )

They do it themselves!
As a green junk removal company}, Capital Junk is home to creativity, upcycling and DIY projects, so naturally, we support self-staging whole heartedly. Many of our clients are amidst the home-staging process when we arrive to clear their clutter and we have witnessed their successes time and time again.

If you follow these basic steps (agreed upon by the self-stagers and the pro’s), you too can stage your home for a successful sale!

Say GOODBYE to anything ‘extra’ - personal items, furniture, decorations and appliances you truly no longer need. Potential buyers find it difficult to visualize themselves in a house that already looks like someone else’s home. Plus, it’s difficult to look past a mess.

Those items you do need to hold onto shouldn’t cause disorganization and ruin your ‘feng shui’. Make the maximum use of your space! Take advantage of your closets and fill your drawers systematically. Colour coordination and labels never hurt. Remember that potential buyers will investigate every nook and cranny of your property!

Speaking of ‘feng shui’... ensure your house has great flow. Switching around your couches and tables, or getting rid of one or two altogether can be key to maximizing your space and allowing others to navigate it easily.

Fix & Update
That small hole in the drywall can make a BIG difference. Tackle all the projects on your to-do list; a makeover can determine the impression your house gives off, and can therefore impact its value. While fixing, consider updating the parts of your house that are sooo 2013. Cleaning your carpets and covering your walls with a fresh coat of neutral paint will do the trick.

Your property should be nothing less than squeaky when potential buyers arrive. Sweep out every last dust bunny and make sure it smells fresh!

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